On letting go of rules: words of wisdom from Devi Daly

Yin yoga is like the punk rock of yoga; it’s the yoga where we don’t like rules very much.

Thus spoke Devi Daly in the middle of Dragon pose during her live-streamed Yin yoga class this morning.

She went on to explain that there is a lot of physical variation from person to person; we don’t all have the same bone structures, the same hip joints, the same flexibility, etc. So when it comes to yoga postures,

We really need to have a lot of variation, a lot of permission, and a lot of willingness to break the rules. For those of us who have done a lot of other kinds of yoga that have strict rules we need to let go of some of these alignment dogmas that we’ve learned in order to honor our bodies properly.

I’d add that for those of us who have done a lot of ANYTHING that involves strict rules or even unspoken or not-so-strict codes of conduct — it pays to at least question what we’ve learned in order to honor ourselves properly. Because we’re all different, in terms of values, motivations, and inclinations. Thanks for reminding me of this, Devi, I really needed that this morning ❤

If you’re looking for some excellent online yoga classes, taught by someone who’s really on it as far as the technology goes, do check out her awesome yoga channel and consider subscribing!

3 Replies to “On letting go of rules: words of wisdom from Devi Daly”

  1. I love Devi’s classes! She really is an expert, & so compassionate & funny.
    Hold onto your heart chakra when she sings- her angelic voice and harmonium might have it amplifying past your ribs!

    1. Ah yes, I know what you mean about her voice! When I lived in West Marin I had the great privilege of participating in one of her chanting workshops. It’s really been one of the silver linings of this pandemic that her teaching is available to those of us who have moved far away from her. Now we just need someone to create a platform that makes gathering together online to SING actually work 😉

  2. She is the best! It’s because of her certification workshop that I found my “Zen with Yin “and now teach. I feel like she’s practicing in my home. Very high tech that one is;)

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