Critical acclaim for Scott’s new EP — I’m so proud!

My God that record is just unbelievable, maybe even tune of the week… just amazing.

Tom Ravenscroft (BBC Radio 6 Music) re Blue Soul’s On the Angel of History
“It’s all unbelievably dramatic stuff” -Tom Ravenscroft on Saturn Devouring His Sun by Blue Soul

We’ve been excited to watch Scott’s latest Blue Soul EP making the rounds since its release just two weeks ago. Gotta love seing those Bandcamp, iTunes, and Spotify lines going up and to the right!

You can listen to BBC Radio 6 wonder Tom Ravenscroft raving about the whole album at 1:11:11 (how satisfying!) in this recent playlist. It’s only available online for another couple of weeks, so if you missed it… he gushed so hard I got teary-eyed, gah!

“…sure gets under your skin!” -Don Letts on Saturn Devouring His Sun by Blue Soul

Or check out this playlist from another BBC Radio 6 DJ, Don Letts; he introduces another of Scott’s songs starting at 52:37 during his 6 Music Festival Special broadcast. ” That one’s available for three more weeks so you’ve got a bit more time if you want to listen to the “bass-heavy set he’d like to have done” had there been a Radio 6 Music Festival this year.

Better yet, head on over to Bandcamp and show Scott some support! If we’re friends and you want a free download, you know how to find me…

Go Scott Go! I couldn’t be more proud of you, and am so glad I’m not the only one who gets to benefit from your musical genius ❤

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