Guitarist & bassist / backup singer seeking other half of our garagey punk indie band (and other blasts from the past)

I just rediscovered some long-lost recordings of a garage band I used to play with:

Clearly we needed more practice, ha, but we had a lot of fun!

After the above band had broken up, my guitar-wielding friend Mike and I put this ad up on craigslist. We got a lot of fascinating / weird emails in response, but we only ever actually met up with these folks… they had a very specific thing going on that freaked us out a bit, so we never met up again. Then I’m guessing I must have moved back to Bolinas, ruining any hope of regular practice sessions? Cracks me up to look back at this stuff, especially as I’m thinking about my various identities over the years!


Trying to rustle up a drummer and a singer, maybe a singer who also plays keys and makes spacey fun blaster sounds? Maybe one or the other of you writes original songs?

Mike: kicks ass on the guitar / is most likely to show up with the lyrics and chord progressions for the new song he wants to play / has fancy gear and isn’t afraid to play two guitar tracks, looping one of them / dreams of turning the dial his amp up past 3 / is really good at keeping us on track / likes it when the rest of us are so psyched we jump up and down when we play / might still be 17, or somewhat stuck in the 80s punk scene / has been through two Blue Bear band workshops…

…the latter of which resulted in his meeting…

Elizabeth: really likes being onstage / has more enthusiasm than talent / plays much better basslines when she’s not also serving as lead singer / has a hard time not singing / laughs a lot / follows instructions well / writes for a living but has yet to muster a good original song / is most likely to get tix to a show / will be out of town a bit later this year traveling for work after her book comes out.

We are both in our 30s, live and practice in San Francisco, and secretly dream about quitting our day jobs and playing music all day long, on and off stage… though we seem to be stuck in the land of playing covers.

Are you the rest of our band???

Please be in touch if you:

  • play drums and/or sing and/or play keys or synth and/or write songs and want to hear them come alive
  • are more interested in having fun and staying positive than beating yourself or anyone else up if we botch the song
  • want to practice 1-2x a week and contemplate the occasional gig
  • want to come to shows with us for inspiration (faves of late = Ty Segall, White Fence, Thee Oh Sees, the Walkmen, !!!)
  • like some or all of the songs in the following list, which we’ve spent some time with…

Pulled Up – Talking Heads
Gigantic and Where is My Mind – Pixies
Saints – The Breeders
Teenagers from Mars – Misfits
What Do I Get? – Buzzcocks
Thin White Line – Sticks & Stones
The Bends and No Surprises – Radiohead
Ceremony – Joy Division
Last Nite and Someday – The Strokes
Jail La La and Bedroom Eyes – Dum Dum Girls
I Am the Ressurrection – Stone Roses
Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs


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