Exactly the Q&A I need right now

Q (from Rupa Bhattacharya, Editorial Director, Culture at Vice):

…how do we make space for ourselves and hold being a trailblazer and everything else that comes with our work?

A (from hospitality activist and bartender, etc etc Ashtin Berry):

I’ve often said that self-care requires discipline, but it also requires acceptance. You can’t really care for yourself if you aren’t sitting in the awareness of what your body, mind, spirit needs. So holding space for myself right now looks like investigating my feelings in a deeper way and acknowledging things even if I don’t have words for it at the moment.

Full original below for additional inspiration, but first here’s my own (five years ago!) Ace Hotel mirror selfie, constant-companion fanny pack lurking in the background:


Huzzah for celebrating the awareness of what the body, mind, spirit needs, and to letting go of needing the right words for what you discover through that investigation!

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