Hey Ya, Hey Ya

Someone at work just shared this Hey Ya cover, and I’m kind of blown away by the sound mix. It’s just so… vast.

I’d never heard of KAMAU so did a bit of poking around; in addition to discovering that he’s Canadian, I found his observations about this song via SoundCloud:

Hey Ya is the epitome of absolute duality between the energy and content within one song. It’s, sonically, the happiest song, with the saddest content that we can all relate to, a breaking heart…a sinking romance. Andre 3000, almost prophetically, foresees the fact that nobody will pay attention or even notice that he’s in pain “Yall don’t wanna hear me, you just wanna dance.”

The original always reminds me of when Eliot lived with Lydia in the SoVan. I have a burning image in my brain of him dancing to it, by himself in the middle of the day, to demonstrate their fancy, sprung dancefloor. I never made it out to one of the SoVan parties… one day, one day!

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