Interconnected journeys / imagined realities


Sometime back in 2012 or so, Geoff played this record for me:


About a month ago I listened to Scott’s Ethereal Drifting mix again for the first time in a while and I cracked right open starting at about 13:30 (start from 7:06 for a good entry point for the connection I’m making here, but please listen to the whole thing at some point!):

We exchanged texts about this Alice Coltrane song, this mix, and cracking open… a conversation which resulted in my taking a couple extra Andrew Bird tickets off his hands.


A few days later Scott and I were both at the Masonic Auditorium — I on the floor and he on the balcony — watching that amazing performer open his set just like he had in Paris a few days earlier:

But it turns out Scott hadn’t actually arrived at the hall yet. Which continues to break my heart a little bit for a couple of reasons: that he didn’t get to personally witness Andrew Bird’s technologically-genius cover of this song we had JUST been talking about, and more so because that moment of shared experience and mutual recognition I was convinced we’d gone through together, albeit from different vantage points, hadn’t actually happened at all… except in my imagination.

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