The point your love song misses

I’m going to see Andrew Bird tomorrow night, so I’m trying to catch up on his latest… but since discovering this duet I’ve barely been able to focus on anything else. What a spot-on depiction of That sort of conversation, gah!

The whole album (what I’ve made it through so far, at least) is stabbing me between the ribs in that Andrew-Bird-is-a-fucking-genius, “how does he KNOW this is perfect?!” kind of way; check this from “Are You Serious”:

Used to have just one foot out the door
Yeah, I always wanted more
I always was the one
You thought would never marry
Used to be willfully obtuse
(or is the word abstruse?)
Semantics like a noose
Get out your dictionaries

While I’m on the topic of complicated relationships, “Left Handed Kisses” reminded me of this one too, though I’d put it in a completely different class and it feels almost unfair to put them together (sorry Rhett Miller):

I want to sing harmonies AND beam my light out to the universe, and I need to believe this is possible.

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