Spring upwelling: as within, so without

Big changes in the physical landscape never fail to put “big” changes in my life into perspective; this week, it’s been calming to think about seasonal shifts that affect West Marin.

In case a diagram like this didn’t appear in your high school and college textbooks, here you go:

On my way to work yesterday there were so many egrets hunting I pulled over to watch for a bit – there’s clearly more life in the lagoon these days. The Spring Winds have started, and Sito was telling me that the water temperature dropped dramatically over the last week. Then Sam posted this amazing piece… it’s all connected.

Of course I had to do a bit of nerdy research. While I’d known about Monterey Bay’s upwelling, I had no idea that the area south and west of Point Reyes has one of the strongest regions of upwelling along the California coast.


So there you have it. If a few days of shifting winds can contribute to the health of ~50% of the world’s fisheries that humans depend on, I have to believe that few shifts in my own perspective can contribute significantly to my own well-being. Lots has been welling up, for sure, and so far, it’s all good.

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