Body and Head Alone – two songs for the times from Julia Jacklin

We went to see Julia Jacklin again last week. Afterward Scott remarked that there’s no way to write about something you appreciate without also reducing it and I know exactly what he means; what to do, though, when you want to share?

Without further reducing her work, I offer these:

(For the record, unlike the two songs I recently posted that do resonate strongly for mepersonally, these two songs seem to fit the times more than they fit me, if that makes sense?)

Shitty things men do to women at concerts, and how not to be complicit

I am still really shaken by something I experienced / witnessed last Saturday night at a concert. Don’t want to read the distressing details? Here’s the take-home message:

DECENT MEN: if a friend of yours, or any guy you witness, is behaving like a #metoo wrecking ball at a show, or anywhere, let him know that what he’s doing is not OK. At the very least, check in with the women he’s preying on to make sure they’re alright.


I had been looking forward to the Unknown Mortal Orchestra show for a while, and reaallllly wanted to enjoy it. (A note for the uninitiated: they are NOT an orchestra!)

…but very unfortunately, the whole night was tainted by the behavior of a predatory dude working the floor where in the area where Scott and I were standing. We watched him making the rounds, repeatedly going up to women and attempting to manhandle them (embrace, kiss, and literally pick them up, dragging them away from their friends).

Then came the moment when I had to physically shove him away from my own body.

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