Who are Ü?

My partner Scott recently discovered this quote about bios on a local radio station’s website. It rang so true we both laughed out loud:

Bios are the devil’s toilet paper. You hate writing them and we hate reading them. Save your time.

The best way to develop your own a sense of who I am would be to browse around for a bit. I’m not being lazy; it just feels weird to try to control anyone’s perceptions…

What I will say is that I aspire to support people who want to make a living through being and doing more of themselves. By being and doing more of myself (self actualization! Maslow’s hierarchy of needs!) By celebrating diverse examples of people who are making it work in their own way. And by doing my best to become a compassionate advocate for social justice, because power dynamics privilege class racism homophobia #metoo etc etc. 

Professionally, this means I put tools into the hands of people looking to start or grow their own businesses, in my own goofy, straight-talking, occasionally funny, and hopefully-accessible way:

  • Getting new businesses off the ground
  • Raising money (for biz and nonprofits)
  • Technology that makes things easier
  • Self care for the small business lifestyle

…and tools for staying focused on one’s own vision of success, because it’s all too easy to get distracted by shiny objects and goals that we never consciously chose to pursue.

I often share the details of my own journey, in all its ridiculous, messy glory. As someone who’s constantly learning, I’m all about sharing cautionary tales to show that A) we survive the hard stuff, and we all go through hard stuff! and B) we don’t necessarily have to repeat each others’ mistakes 🙂

If you want a formal list of degrees and professional engagements and credentials and that sort of thing (serial entrepreneur / intrapreneur; 15 years of experience as a small business writer / public speaker / educator; published author; MBA in sustainable management; trained coach), feel free check out my LinkedIn profile.