ElizabethU-XeroElizabeth can’t get enough of connecting entrepreneurs with the resources they need to launch and grow their businesses. Her calling seems to include not only putting tools into the hands of people who are ready to use them, but also sharing stories that spark action and remind us that we’re not alone. Perhaps most importantly, she’s committed to — and invites others to join her in — doing the “inner work” necessary to make sure we keep a sense of humor and don’t get led astray (or burn out) along the entrepreneurial journey.

In addition to having 15 years of experience as an educator, spokesperson, and advocate at the intersection of entrepreneurship, socially responsible business, sustainable food and agriculture, and capital markets, Elizabeth holds a graduate degree in Sustainable Management (Presidio Graduate School, MBA 2005) and is a trained Co-Active Coach.

After years of being frustrated that no comprehensive resource existed to support sustainable food entrepreneurs raise money for their ventures, Elizabeth wrote the book herself: Raising Dough: the Complete Guide to Financing a Socially Responsible Food Business (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2013) is a thorough, accessible reference for people launching small businesses in any sector.

Originally from San Francisco, Elizabeth lives in Auckland, New Zealand with her partner. When she’s not hiking, at the beach, or practicing yoga, she currently serves as Global Small Business Content Producer for Xero: beautiful accounting software for small businesses. Stay tuned for her series of Small Business How To videos!

Elizabeth’s podcast, Xero Gravity, is all about The Hustle. She interviewed dozens and dozens of interesting people from around the world about the ups and downs of their entrepreneurial experience. Asking provocative questions and translating what she hears into widely relevant insights, Elizabeth’s goal as host is to inspire her global audience to define what success really means for them… while providing insights that will support them in getting there.

Looking for a more comprehensive résumé? Check out Elizabeth’s LinkedIn profile, but be warned: she hardly ever checks messages there.