How to move to NZ from the US

I made a video guide to various visa options for Americans wanting to live and work New Zealand:

Here’s one: apply for a job at one of Xero’s New Zealand offices! There are offices in Wellington, Auckland (where I work), and a brand new one in Hawke’s Bay. Last I checked there were openings in Design, IT, Customer Experience, Education, Marketing, Quality Assurance, Sales, and more. 

To be abundantly clear: you can’t actually move away from climate change. Nor do I believe that anyone, Americans abroad or citizens from any other country, can escape responsibility for being part of the solution.

But this was still a super fun opportunity to make a video outside of my day job responsibilities, and to learn how to edit video on my iPhone using iMovie. I’d only ever used that program once before, four years ago, and that was the full version rather than the mobile version. I can’t believe how many people have already watched it! Videos are super fun 🙂